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Sage Online50 FAQs

Do I need to buy my own copy of Sage?
No. You use an Online Bureau licence. You pay for access to our licence through a subscription, this will be incorporated into your usual fee.

What about upgrades ?
Being an online system, upgrades to the Line 50 software are made on the server and so you do not need to worry about installing upgrades on your PC. You can take up the upgrade and begin using it whenever it suits you.

Who do I call if I need support ?
Either phone or email us and we can assist you. Remember we can log on and view your work if your query relates to Sage or your accounts. If you have technical problems we have a dedicated helpline to assist with the technical aspects of the service.

How does the pricing work ?
There is a set up fee dependant on the work required to set up and configure your accounts software. Thereafter, there is a standard monthly access subscription fee.

Do you have a Service Level Agreement ?
Yes. The agreement specifies that the service runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Details of the Service Level Agreement are documented separately.

Can I work off-line as well as on-line ?
Since the software is standard, you can have access to the software on-line or off-line in your own premises (to do this you would need to have your own licenced copy of the software installed on your PC). You can opt out at any time and use your PC version at anytime and we will furnish you with all the centrally stored data. However, we reserve the right to make an administrative charge to complete the transfer.

What kind of computer do I need ?
Any PC with a recent version of Internet Explorer will be sufficient. Your Internet Explorer installation may need re-configuring, which is easy to do. Please ring us to help.

Is the service secure ?
The whole system uses 128-bit encryption to ensure privacy of data. This security is similar to that used for on-line banking. Your company will have its own user group to which all users of the system are allocated. All users are assigned an individual level of access that determines how much of the system they can use. The only people able to see your data will be members of the user group with the correct level of access, and us, as your accountant. Similarly you will not be able to see anyone else's. If you would like additional security, then you can have a secure, certificate-based Virtual Private Network and then restrict particular user accounts so that they can only log in from those secure networks. This would ensure, for example, that users can only log in from their normal work place. This security would be greater than that used for online banking. There would be a charge for configuring the Virtual Private Network, and you will need suitable equipment.

How do I backup / restore ?
Local back-ups after each session are highly recommended and can be taken from Line 50 directly to local floppy disks or a local hard disk. A central tape backup of the full system is taken overnight, for disaster recovery purposes, and stored off-site for not less than 7 days. Your data is restored to the system in exactly the same way as offline, subject to the requisite user access rights.

How do I print ?
Printing works to any local printer where a standard Microsoft driver is supported. Printers with non-standard drivers are not supported, but can be assessed on a case by case basis.

What happens if two users access Line 50 at the same time ?
Sage Line 50 allows multiple users into the same data set at the same time, but will protect you from two users changing the same record (for example a Customer Record) at the same time. If, unexpectedly, we are accessing your accounts you will still be able to access them, and vice versa.

Do I need broadband ?
No. You don't need broadband but obviously the performance of broadband is better. You can use the service over a dial-up: data entry will not be noticeably slower than broadband. However, initial log-in, printing and backups will be noticeably slower. There are users who use GPRS (on their mobile phone) to access the service. The GPRS service is slow and not really suitable for day to day work, but for occasional access to check account balances, raise Sales Orders, and so on it can be very useful. An internet connection is of course required but this cost is not included as part of the Online 50 package.

Can I see a demonstration ?
Yes, of course. Please contact us to arrange a convenient demonstration of the service.