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Human Resources Consultancy

Through Breathing Space HR Limited, based in Leeds, we offer on-demand HR consultancy. Breathing Space HR will initially set up your employment pack, then subsequently provide support on demand.

The employing people starter pack includes:

  • Job description form (handy for recruitment purposes - identifying exactly what is needed in the job)
  • Letter setting out terms and conditions of employment including written particulars of employment (requirement under law to provide within first 8 weeks of employment)
  • Basic employee handbook covering all the basic policies and procedures required under law and for basic good practice including:
    • discipline and grievance
    • equal opportunities statement
    • general terms and conditions of employment - hours, holidays, overtime, deductions from salary, leaving the company etc.
    • family friendly policies - maternity, paternity etc

All this will combine to produce a contract of employment and standard procedures for employers. This will proactively protect you against possible disputes with employees, doubly protecting you if a dispute arises and you can then easily seek support immediately from Breathing Space HR.

You can then have on-demand access to HR support via e-mail, phone and face to face.