Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors

Forensic Accounting and Expert Witness

SFB Sanders Geeson is here to help in a world where business is becoming more complex and the chance of litigation is ever increasing.

Our experienced forensic accounting team applies expert analytical technique with skillful use of technology and data mining tools to produce convincing evidence in reports and in the witness box.

We maintain a strongly independent and impartial stance, assisting you in cases such as:

  • Business valuation and divorce
  • Personal injury
  • Commercial disputes
  • Fraud and asset recovery
  • Professional negligence
  • Claims consultancy
  • Insurance industry support
  • Royalty and copyright disputes

Next Step

If we can help you and you would like to discuss forensic accounting in more detail with us, please call us on 01924 254802 and make an appointment or visit our contact page.