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Through our Finance Director, BoardView service, we continue where other accountants stop!

This is a service specifically geared towards smaller growing businesses. We realise that day to day challenges stop you being able to concentrate on growing your business effectively. We work with you to keep you focussed on growing your business the way you want.

The service is run in conjunction with our Primary compliance services of producing year end accounts and tax returns, but turns from looking backwards towards looking to the future. Our buzz comes from getting to know you and your business and then sharing our experience to help turn your vision into reality. By meeting at least every three months or at key moments or events in your business’ financial year we can make sure you are keeping on track.

How does it work?

BoardView puts management accounts at the heart of the meeting. We will sit down with you at least every three months. The meeting agenda is flexible but we suggest operating it as in a formal board meeting: together we cover the key aspects of your business, review your financial numbers, forecasts and key non-financial indicators and follow up on key issues arising from your action plans and previous meetings.

How does BoardView help you?

Quite simply, BoardView will help you make more money!

  • In our experience the operation of formal board meetings leads to greater accountability and better business performance
  • Meetings are more disciplined and focussed, meaning far more “business” is done
  • We can act as a sounding board and share our business experience working across a wide variety of other business sectors, contributing fresh perspectives and opportunities for growth
  • We can challenge you when things aren’t done!
  • Smaller businesses embracing board meetings begin to behave like bigger businesses and achieve more
  • It is a very cost-effective way of involving a finance professional in your business; all businesses need the skills of a finance professional!

Next Step

If you wish to know more about this service or would like to arrange a free initial meeting to discuss how we can help you in more detail please contact us.