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Business Energizer Testimonials

"Why doesn't my accountant offer real help like this?"
From many prospective clients

It’s great; it made me think about my life plan and broadened my vision; planning isn’t just about business. There is a bigger picture. This exercise has forced me to put down my action plan, emphasising that I don’t necessarily need all the answers right now."
Owner of start up archive backup business

"It was really useful; it’s focussed my mind a lot."
Property developer

"This has been very enlightening. A lot of good things have come out; it hasn’t just been inspirational, but it has helped renew my goals and my optimism. I also got a lot of new ideas from the review, which is absolutely wonderful."
New business start up owner

"To be honest, I wasn’t sure what this was all about, but it has been surprisingly useful, breaking down various aspects of my business and personal life. When you are working on your own, it is difficult to see the different parts of the business, but I can now see what I need to do in the business."
"I found it useful; it focussed me on the areas I need to prioritise"
Joint Directors of a new internet solutions business

"There are a lot of ideas which you know are flying around in the background and this brought them out in a structured plan, including new ideas."
Managing Director, Architectural Services

"I came out of the Business Energizer session feeling positive about having identified some areas of improvement in the business. The Business Energizer helps focus on what is really important to you and also helps make you think about things you may not have considered before."
Director, Multimedia Web Design

"I'm feeling very positive; it's made me think about a lot of things I hadn't considered before and helped in prioritising."
Owner, caravan servicing business

"It's helped in getting clearer focus."
"I can see clearly now how successful the business could be if I get the financing sort out. I now know what I need to do next."
Joint Directors, New Mini service and repair business