Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors

Strategic Planning

We've designed a one-day strategy planning session for people who are too busy running their business to have the luxury of a few spare weeks to spend devising a long-term strategy.

In the space of a few hours, we'll help you map out a clear direction for your business, and help you set goals that will help you progress at the rate you decide.

The session applies whether you are a start-up or long established business.

It has a proven track record with hundreds of business owners including start-ups - and a risk-free pricing structure where you agree the price before the day. It could the best day you've spent in business for years.

The strategy planning session will help you:

  • identify where your business is now
  • uncover where you (all of you) want to go
  • create a five-year plan in order to get there
  • increase profitability and efficiency
  • develop and implement growth strategies
  • focus on the fundamentals of your business
  • increase understanding and support of all key stakeholders

The session also helps provide:

  • renewed focus and direction
  • fresh inspiration and motivation
  • greater control of your business success
  • fresh ideas and opportunities

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