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Welcome to the Business Advisory Growth Plan

The Business Advisory Growth Plan is a series of planning sessions, all of which can help you as a business owner to:

  • Plan your business strategy
  • Plan ways to improve your profits
  • Track your wealth and plan its growth

It’s often very difficult running a business, so "owner managers rarely take the time out to look at their business' strategy. With our business advisory growth planning sessions, a few hours is all you will need to map out a clear strategic direction for your business." These sessions apply to all businesses, whether you are a start-up or long established.

Typical businesses that benefit are:

  • owner-managed
  • ambitious
  • growth-orientated
In short, every business can benefit from the business advisory growth plan.

The business advisory growth plan helps you as a business owner manager put together a series of clear strategic plans for your business, putting you back in control of your own circumstances, your life and the future of your business. Each session is highly interactive and unlike anything you're likely to have experienced before:

In the space of a few hours, we'll help you map out a clear direction for your business, and set goals that will help you progress at the rate you decide. We can tailor these sessions for start-up businesses, as well as those which have been long established.

In just a few hours we can help you focus on succession and exit issues, maximising rewards to the business owners.

A profit improvement session of less than a day is designed to help you recognise the major profit-generating areas of your business, helping you plan for the profits you want.

An empowerment product which enables you to explore risk potential and plan to mitigate it.

In just two hours we can help you identify your current worth and future priorities, enabling you to put wealth management plans in place to get you exactly where you want to be.

A two hour Business Energizer session helps you to firstly focus on what really matters and secondly helps you get there. A Business Energizer session applies equally to start-ups as well as established businesses.

16 Steps to Strategic Planning

A simple free to download guide for owner managed businesses to help plan for the future they want!