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Business Books

These are a small selection of excellent business books to help you get started and make your business a success.

Book Cover E-myth Revisited
Why Most Small Businesses Still Don't Work and What You Can Do About
by Michael E. Gerber
The latest edition of the 1986 ground breaking classic. A must read business book that explains why most small businesses don't work and what you can do about it.
Book Cover The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Powerful Lessons in Personal Change
by Stephen R. Covey
One of the most influential business books ever written, presenting a holistic, integrated, principle-centred approach for solving personal and professional problems and guiding you in achieving your business and life goals.
Book Cover Myself and Other More Important Matters
by Charles B. Handy
One of the most influential living management thinkers giving insight into your business and careers... and the choices we all have to make in our lives. Handy asks us to look at the role of work in our life and what we find truly fulfilling.
Book Cover The Success Principles
How to Get from Where You are to Where You Want to be
by Jack Canfield
Jack Canfield has taken 64 of the most succesful techniques for self-improvement and combined them together in one coherent whole.
Book Cover Eat That Frog!
Get More of the Important Things Done, Today!
by Brian Tracy
Stop trying to do everything on your 'to do' list - learn how to focus on the most important practical things and make sure they get done.
Book Cover Good to Great
by Jim Collins
Explaining what is needed to turn your good business into a great business, based on 5 years research. This book is full of vital ideas and is very readable.
Book Cover Mastering the Rockefeller Habits
What You Must Do to Increase the Value of Your Fast-Growth Firm
by Verne Harnish
This book explains what you must do to increase the value of your growing firm. It is practical and advocates simplicity in running your business. Recommended reading for fast growing businesses.

Finally, click on the following link to find a wide selection of business books, from Blackwell's, geared towards starting up in business.